After these weeks of introspection, reflection and forgiveness, it’s finally time to set yourself free. We’ve arrived at our final destination, Simchat Torah. It’s a day of joy and celebration that we reached this moment. 

Dance around your living room with something or someone you hold dear. If you happen to have a Torah scroll handy, dance with it. Whatever you cherish, take it on at least seven laps around your coffee table with a smile on your face. You made it here. And while we can’t guarantee what will come next - be here - in this moment of joy. 

Need a little musical inspiration for your Simchat Torah dance party?

Our recommendations:
Dancing in the Street by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
Joy to the World by Three Dog Night
Shake It Out by Florence + The Machine
New Soul by Yael Naim
Rain on Me by Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande

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