Activity: Edible Torah Treats

In Eastern Europe, it was customary at a child’s first Torah lesson to write the Hebrew alphabet in honey on the child’s slate, and giving it to the child to lick off.  In this way, would the child always associate sweetness with Torah study.

Instead of using honey, make cookies in the shape of Hebrew letters or Torah scrolls, or choose another sweet treat to share with your children as they begin their religious studies. Here's easy recipes to create edible Torahs! 

Recipe 1
Use two pretzel rods as dowels, or eitz chayim (trees of life).
"Glue" on chocolate kisses on the ends of each pretzel for the finials, using chocolate or
vanilla canned frosting as the glue.
Unroll a fruit roll-up for the scroll (chill them before use so they are less sticky).

Recipe 2


1 flat tortilla per child
2 pretzel rods per child
Soft cheese spread
1 licorice string per child

Cut the rounded edge off the top and bottom of the tortilla. Spread a soft cheese mixture over the tortilla. Put a pretzel rod on the left and right edge of the tortilla. Wrap the tortilla around the pretzel rods, starting at each side and meeting in the middle of the tortilla. Use the licorice string to tie around the "Torah." Enjoy!

Recipe 3

Rolls of candies, such as Smarties
Construction or colorful paper
Strips of ribbon

Cut paper into strips 4 ½ inches long and 2 inches wide.
Roll 2 packs of Smarties into the paper.
Tie with ribbon.

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