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As Sukkot winds down, I'm thinking about both joy and impermanence. Joy as I celebrate with loved ones, visiting their sukkah under the stars. Joy in the seasons shifting, nature's transformation as we move through our own teshuvah, or return. These days of Sukkot remind us of what we truly wish to prioritize in our lives. 


Here at and HighHolidays@Home, we're prioritizing building a joyful community of DIY Judaism. A community that centers accessible and everybody-friendly ways of connecting with tradition and making it our own. A community that is truly revolutionary and inclusive. Won't you join us?



Help us celebrate the impermanence of Sukkot by supporting the development of a movement that's truly long-lasting with HighHolidays@Home. Our sites are free to use, and your donation makes it possible for DIY Judaism to be accessible to millions of other users from all walks of Jewish life. 


With your support, we can build a sustainable Jewish future that's truly creative and connective for everyone.

Happy Sukkot - Time for Joyful Harvest Celebration!

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Happy Sukkot - Time for Joyful Harvest Celebration!

There's still time to join a Sukkot gathering! Visit our Events page to discover picnics, concerts, volunteer projects, lectures, and more. 

High Holidays at Home Events

Need Inspiration as the Season Winds Down?

Discover our Simchat Torah faves to enhance your celebration! 

Simchat Torah Exploring Joy

P.S. Capture an Insta-worthy moment? Send us pics!


Download Ready-To-Print Holiday Inspiration 

Sukkot Coloring Book

Sukkot Coloring Book
As the leaves turn, dive into this coloring book with activities for kids of all ages—no sukkah needed!

Turn & Return

Turn & Return

The journey comes to a close in this guide to the High Holidays, with space for integration. 

Simchat Torah Exploring Joy

Simchat Torah: Exploring Joy
Embrace joy with this English/Spanish resource from Jewtina y Co.

Sukkot Recipes

Sukkot Recipes 

Discover delicious harvest foods with our Sukkot Recipe booklet.

Simchat Torah Favorites

Simchat Torah Celebration
Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to celebrate with our faves for Simchat Torah. 

Sukkot Gathering

Sukkot Gathering
Make it meaningful with friends and family this week with our gathering guide!


We rely on people like you to create inclusive Jewish ritual, contribute here:

Sukkot Starts Sunday Night!

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Sukkot Starts Sunday Night! 

Grab your crayons and get ready to decorate your sukkah!

Sukkot Coloring Book

Meet Your Ushpizin

Our brand-new Ushpizin Guide has everything you need to invite your favorite ancestral guests to dinner—no sukkah needed!


Discover Our Sukkot Gatherings!

There's still time to gather with friends and family for a fall backyard get-together. Wondering what to serve? Download our Sukkot Recipe Booklet!

Sukkot Recipes

P.S. Hosting something meaningful? Tell us about it!


Create your Sukkot booklet or download holiday inspiration

Turn & Return

Turn & Return

The journey continues as we move through Sukkot with joy and ancestral connection. 

Sukkot Coloring Book

Sukkot Coloring Book
Whether you build a sukkah or not, our coloring book has fun fall activities for the whole family

Simchat Torah Exploring Joy

Simchat Torah: Exploring Joy
Embrace joy with this English/Spanish resource from Jewtina y Co.

Sukkot Favorites

Sukkot Favorites
Spend all week exploring our favorite ideas for celebrating Sukkot, a time for joy & happiness


Sukkot Activities

Sukkot Activity Guide 
Download all the traditional Sukkot blessings, and discover new ways of making the holiday special 

Simchat Torah Favorites

Simchat Torah Celebration
Now is the perfect time to start planning your Simchat Torah dance party! 


Together, we are building a community of accessible Jewish ritual. Will you join us?



We Need You!

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Yom Kippur starts tonight—and if you're feeling unprepared, you're not alone. The 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur always seem to fly by. As the gates are closing, I'm finding solace on HighHolidays@Home with this Yom Kippur Ritual guide. If you're hosting a break fast, plan ahead with our Break Fast booklet, and for an alternative to services download the Annual Review guide from our partners at Shomer Collective.

And there's still time to connect with friends and family through joining or hosting a gathering this Sukkot. Looking for something in-person? Check out this weekend yoga retreat and find your inner zen. Need something virtually accessible? Mark the end of the shmita year in community.

Lastly, HighHolidays@Home wouldn't be the same without you—yes, you! When you bring your creativity and your passion to our site, you are helping to revolutionize Jewish life. Will you go one step further and make a donation? HighHolidays@Home is free to use, and your support enables our platform to be accessible for all.

Thank you for considering a donation so we can continue building these opportunities for customized, creative rituals across Jewish life. 

Our Picks For At(one)ment this Yom Kippur

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Yom Kippur Starts Tomorrow Night

Find your path toward forgiveness, remembrance, gratitude & healing with our Yom Kippur Ritual & Yom Kippur Favorites

Yom Kippur Ritual

Last Call to Join Yom Kippur Break Fast Gatherings

Getting together with friends and family at the end of Yom Kippur can be about more than just food—head to our events platform to find your break fast gathering today!


As the Days of Awe(some) come to a close, let nature renew you

Few places inspire awe like nature. Whether you live near a desert, mountains, the ocean or an urban jungle, spend 30 minutes today enjoying nature. Use the time to simply observe or consider a renewal ritual like tashlich, or casting away your mistakes.


Waterside Tashlich Ceremony

Sukkot Tree Activity

High Holiday Poetry

Blessing For Seeing the Ocean & For Wonders of Nature

Yom Kippur Is Coming! We've Got You Covered!

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Before Yom Kippur Begins on Tuesday Night...
Spend Time Reconnecting this Shabbat


#1 Return to Yourself this New Year's Shabbat
Make the first Shabbat of 5783 meaningful 

New Year's Shabbat

#2 Join Gatherings for Yom Kippur, Sukkot & More! 
Nourish yourself with events for letting go, an alternative Yom Kippur & all the fall vibes


#3 Make Yom Kippur Meaningful
Reflect on this day of At(one)ment — then enjoy break fast 

Yom Kippur Ritual

#4 Write Your Yom Kippur Confession
Review the year that's passed & prepare for the year ahead

Annual Review: DIY Yom Kippur Confession
Yom Kippur is Coming! Need to Let Go?

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Happy 5783! What do you still need to release?

Wash My Soul Tashlich Ceremony

Got something holding you back? Our Wash My Soul Tashlich Ceremony has everything you need to shake it off!


Shabbat Shuvah and Yom Kippur Are Just Around the Corner

Hosting isn't just for Rosh Hashanah—the first Shabbat of the year and Yom Kippur are both perfect occasions to gather with friends and family. Check out all the upcoming events! Or host your own! 


As Yom Kippur Approaches, How Will You Prepare?

Our friends at Shomer Collective have put together Annual Review: DIY Yom Kippur Confession to help you reflect on the past year in order to make peace with the present. 

Annual Review: DIY Yom Kippur Confession

P.S. In case you missed it, check out our webinar with Shomer Collective!

Rosh Hashanah Starts Sunday 🍎 Invite the Whole Gang!

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Rosh Hashanah Starts Sunday Night! 
Check Out Our Top 3 Picks for Celebrating

#1 Take 10 Minutes to Make Dinner Meaningful
Your Rosh Hashanah dinner can be as simple or complex as you want. Our 10-Minute Seder makes it easy to make it special

10 Minute Rosh Hashanah Seder

#2 Invite The Whole Gang
Use our platform to organize your guests, and download our Rosh Hashanah or Challah Recipe Books to plan the menu

High Holiday Events

#3 Explore Your Artistic Side
Our Shana Tova Coloring Book includes activities for kids, and our Turn & Return booklet offers reflections for grown-ups

Shana Tova Coloring Book
Watch the Webinar—Annual Review: Writing Your Yom Kippur Confession

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The rituals of Yom Kippur – fasting, wearing white, refraining from acts of pleasure, reciting prayers of confession, function as an annual dress rehearsal for death. In the field of psychology, “positive life review” is a tool used to promote reflection on one’s past in order to make peace with the present. Using our own positive life review as well as a reflection on our mortality, our partners at Shomer collective will guide us through creating personal Yom Kippur confessions to prepare for entering the new year.

To do the positive life review exercise with Rabbi Melanie Levav, explore Shomer Collective's booklet Annual Review: DIY Yom Kippur Confession

Shomer Collective recommends checking out the HighHolidays@Home version of the Al Chet prayer with positive and negative confessions, the website A Mitzvah to Eat and a reflection on making Yom Kippur meaningful when you aren't able to fast.  

Find more Yom Kippur rituals on HighHolidays@Home

Stay in touch with Shomer Collective through their website and email [email protected].

Watch the Webinar: Teshuvah: Return to Your Inner Creativity

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Return to yourself this High Holiday season by getting in touch with your innate creativity. Creativity lives in all of us, but the pressures of daily life can sometimes get in the way of our creative expression. In this webinar, our community manager Ryn Silverstein guides you through practices of movement and craft making to cultivate a greater sense of connection to the creative depths within.

For more creative mindfulness prompts and rituals, check out our High Holidays booklet, Turn & Return

Zine-making steps: 

  • Step 1: Fold your sheet of paper in half. Fold it again into quarters, and then one more time so that it's folded into eighths. 

  • Step 2: Open your paper so that it is folded in half. Cut halfway across the middle from the fold. When you open your paper it should have a slit in the middle.

  • Step 3: Fold your paper lengthwise (along the crease that has the slit). Hold the paper at either end, then push the ends in toward each other. The sections should fold into each other to form an eight-page booklet.

  • Step 4: Now it’s time for you to fill in your blank booklet and turn it into a zine! How you fill it in is completely up to you. You can plan or sketch out your content before making it final, or just wing it. Use the basic supplies only or add extra elements. If you want to just write and not use images, that’s cool too.

Optional zine prompts: 

  • What’s on your heart? 

  • What feels alive for you?

  • What's one thing you’d like to turn towards this High Holiday Season? 

  • What's one thing you’d like to leave behind? 

  • How would you most like to feel this High Holiday Season? 

  • What's holding you back from feeling that way? 

  • What's one thing you can do to support yourself to feel that way? 

  • What's one new holiday tradition you’d like to try this season, and why?

From Adva Chattler & Hila Ratzabi of Ritualwell: 

Blessed are you, Yah, Mother of Creation, who blesses us with your inspiration, to partner with you in the act of creation.