Eht/Aht (את) 

By Rachel Kann 

For Ketzirah Lesser’s Eht/Aht (את): a Netivot Wisdom Oracle Card Deck  


If the word is made fresh,

then let every alleged blemish be blessed,

each individually kissed 

like the exquisite mezuzah it is. 


There is a doorway 

that all of creation 

thresholds its way through 

on its way to 

the eternal-unfolding-already-was. 


Oh, All-That-Is/Infinite, 

who whispered this lintel 

into beginning;

into becoming,


who bears witness 

to this living-thing-ness,


who is this lintel,


who is the whisper,

who made the making,

who forms letters out of breath,


who said, 

Let this את

contain the whole expanse of it, 

the vessel and exhalation.


This is the breath, 

this is the mystery, 

this one, right here, 


this is the Saturn-moon-ring 

that surrounds everything,


the embrace of beginning 

by ending,


the way the wax 

makes love to the wane,



this is the faithfulness 

you are held with.

Booklet Section: Poems, Sukkot & Simchat Torah
Source: Rachel Kann