October 04, 2022

We Need You!

Posted by Recustom

Yom Kippur starts tonight—and if you're feeling unprepared, you're not alone. The 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur always seem to fly by. As the gates are closing, I'm finding solace on HighHolidays@Home with this Yom Kippur Ritual guide. If you're hosting a break fast, plan ahead with our Break Fast booklet, and for an alternative to services download the Annual Review guide from our partners at Shomer Collective.

And there's still time to connect with friends and family through joining or hosting a gathering this Sukkot. Looking for something in-person? Check out this weekend yoga retreat and find your inner zen. Need something virtually accessible? Mark the end of the shmita year in community.

Lastly, HighHolidays@Home wouldn't be the same without you—yes, you! When you bring your creativity and your passion to our site, you are helping to revolutionize Jewish life. Will you go one step further and make a donation? HighHolidays@Home is free to use, and your support enables our platform to be accessible for all.

Thank you for considering a donation so we can continue building these opportunities for customized, creative rituals across Jewish life.