October 14, 2022

Join Us This Sukkot

Posted by Recustom

As Sukkot winds down, I'm thinking about both joy and impermanence. Joy as I celebrate with loved ones, visiting their sukkah under the stars. Joy in the seasons shifting, nature's transformation as we move through our own teshuvah, or return. These days of Sukkot remind us of what we truly wish to prioritize in our lives. 


Here at Haggadot.com and HighHolidays@Home, we're prioritizing building a joyful community of DIY Judaism. A community that centers accessible and everybody-friendly ways of connecting with tradition and making it our own. A community that is truly revolutionary and inclusive. Won't you join us?



Help us celebrate the impermanence of Sukkot by supporting the development of a movement that's truly long-lasting with HighHolidays@Home. Our sites are free to use, and your donation makes it possible for DIY Judaism to be accessible to millions of other users from all walks of Jewish life. 


With your support, we can build a sustainable Jewish future that's truly creative and connective for everyone.