Watch the Webinar: Hosting With Hospitality These High Holidays

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The High Holidays are a special and joyful time to gather with friends and family...but how can you make it truly memorable? In this webinar recording, watch and OneTable explore new ways to make this High Holiday season personal and meaningful. Discover how the tools and resources provided on [email protected] can help you connect to friends and family through sharing rituals and hosting engaging events. And check out our jamboard brainstorm session here

For more High Holidays content, check out Turn & Return, our guide to the wisdom of the season! 

Whether you need a refresher or in case you missed it, go to 21 minutes in to see how to make your booklet and how to create an event. 

Make Rosh Hashanah Meaningful In 10 Minutes

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Hosting a Rosh Hashanah dinner? 

Even if you only have 10 minutes around the table, watch this video with 5 simple tips to make your Rosh Hashanah gathering more meaningful. 


The Shana Tova Coloring Book is Back 🥳!

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Bring the whole family together with the beloved Shana Tova Coloring Book!

Shana Tova Coloring Book



Discover More Family-Friendly Faves

Rosh Hashanah Recipes
PJ Library Family Conversations

Jewish Grandparents Network Discovery Kit

Watch The Webinar: Honoring Ancestors in Elul

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Watch a recording of our Honoring Ancestors in Elul webinar. Kohanot (Hebrew Priestesses) and educators Sarah Chandler and Annie Cohen are your guides on a time-traveling adventure to reconnect with and reclaim often-forgotten ancestral folk traditions, as we learn together about the Eastern European practices of grave measuring, soul candles, and traditional women’s prayers.  

Download your copy of the Ancestral Practices booklet, and learn more about using candle wicks to measure ancestral objects here

To create your own tkhines, you can use these templates. With option one, make a copy of the existing Google Doc. And option two is view only.  Design your tkhine from the DIY formula list here


Stay in touch with our presenters. Annie's website is: and you can connect with Sarah through


Your Ancestors Are Calling! ☎️

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Don't Leave Your Ancestors Waiting!

No matter where you come from, on Thursday, September 8, travel back in time and discover historical rituals for connecting to your ancestors. This everybody-friendly, interactive webinar is led by Sarah Chandler and Annie Cohen, who also created our new Ancestral Practices booklet

Soul Candles: Honoring Ancestors in Elul



Connect With Friends, Family, and Your Deepest Self

Turn & Return

Turn & Return 
It's time to turn inward and return to ourselves with this new guide for the High Holidays.

Ancestral Practices

Ancestral Practices Booklet
Reach out to your ancestors through these traditional rituals your grandparents might have used! 

Ten Minute Rosh Hashanah Seder

Ten Minute Rosh Hashanah Seder
Get ready to host a meaningful gathering that's short and sweet as honey!

Rosh Hashanah Recipes

Rosh Hashanah Recipes 
Explore a collection of tasty foods catered to the richness of the season. 

Make the High Holidays Meaningful With Our Webinars!

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High Holidays at Home

Thurs 9/8 at 1pm ET: Honoring Ancestors in Elul 

Wed 9/14 at 1pm ET: Hosting With Hospitality

Mon 9/19 at 1pm ET: Return to Your Creativity

Thurs 9/22 at 1pm ET: Write Your Yom Kippur Confession

Click Here to Check Out All Upcoming Events

This High Holiday Season, You're Invited to Turn & Return

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As we move into the Hebrew month of Elul, we start four powerful weeks of reflection and return once again to the High Holidays. Journey into this sacred time with our brand-new activity guide, Turn & Return. 
Featuring words by our Community Manager Ryn Silverstein & art by Lizzie Sivitz, it has activities to accompany you on your adventure from Elul to Sukkot.



Turn & Return





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Watch the Webinar: How to Host Your Hybrid High Holidays

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In our ever-changing world, we have even more flexibility in celebrating the High Holidays. In this webinar, communal leaders explore new ways to make this High Holiday season memorable and meaningful. Discover how the tools and resources provided on [email protected] can help you connect to your community through sharing rituals and organizing gatherings.  

The Jamboard space will remain open to our partners throughout the High Holiday season for brainstorming on best practices for hosting, event titles and creative gathering ideas. 

Our partners at Powered By OneTable have shared their tips for engaging events. 

Before Event:
Have a clear agenda
Design for accessibility and provide any accessibility information 
Pay attention to visual design and a catchy title
Be open to others' ideas and responding to guests 
Send reminders to build up the excitement

During the Event:
Use conversation starters, open ended questions 
Provide name tags or have everyone introduce themselves
Make it fun and/or meaningful, provide some sort of gamification 

After the Event:
Send thank you emails 
Surveys if necessary 


It's Not Too Late for Tu B'Av!

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yiddish valentine's hearts

Don't miss an opportunity to celebrate your loved ones with our Yiddish Valentine's today on Tu B'Av, the Jewish Valentine's Day!


Download Our Yiddish Valentines! 💖 Plus High Holiday Preview

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Welcome to Av, the Hebrew Month of Grief and Love


Beginning tonight, the month of Av takes us through the highs and lows of human emotion.  August 6-7 marks Tisha B'Av, commemorating times of destruction and sadness throughout our shared history. Then, on August 11, we shift into full-moon joy for Tu B'Av, the Jewish day of love and rebirth. Celebrate with our Tu B'Av Lovelines Activity, read from the Song of Songs, or download and send one of our classic Yiddish Valentine Cards!


Summer's Still Going Strong!


Jewish Home Blessings

Simple Shabbat Blessings

Summer Wisdom and Activity Book 


Rosh Hashanah Countdown: Two Months Left!

Soon you'll be able to post and discover events in your community on our new High Holidays events platform! Get excited and start gathering inspiration for your Rosh Hashanah Seder on [email protected].com

Do You Have 2 Minutes?


We're creating the tools you need to make the High Holidays meaningful, which is why we want to hear from you! Whether it's the food, the family time, or the spiritual sustenance, there's always something to love about this special time of year. Tell us what you love most, and thanks for sharing! 


Ready for High Holiday Inspiration? Get Started Here!


Rosh Hashanah Recipes

Explore an assortment of delicious foods catered to the season. 

Essential Elul Blessings

Prepare to go deep this High Holidays with our Elul Blessings Booklet.

Shana Tova Coloring Book

Get creative with these black and white illustrations for kids of all ages.  

Seeker Season 

Chart your own inner journey through this special time of year. 

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