September 23, 2022

Watch the Webinar—Annual Review: Writing Your Yom Kippur Confession

Posted by Recustom


The rituals of Yom Kippur – fasting, wearing white, refraining from acts of pleasure, reciting prayers of confession, function as an annual dress rehearsal for death. In the field of psychology, “positive life review” is a tool used to promote reflection on one’s past in order to make peace with the present. Using our own positive life review as well as a reflection on our mortality, our partners at Shomer collective will guide us through creating personal Yom Kippur confessions to prepare for entering the new year.

To do the positive life review exercise with Rabbi Melanie Levav, explore Shomer Collective's booklet Annual Review: DIY Yom Kippur Confession

Shomer Collective recommends checking out the HighHolidays@Home version of the Al Chet prayer with positive and negative confessions, the website A Mitzvah to Eat and a reflection on making Yom Kippur meaningful when you aren't able to fast.  

Find more Yom Kippur rituals on HighHolidays@Home

Stay in touch with Shomer Collective through their website and email [email protected].