No Holiday From Justice - Why Social Action on Sukkot?

Sukkot celebrates the importance of providing for those who are the most vulnerable. After escaping Egypt, our ancestors wandered through the desert for forty years facing challenging circumstances, but were able to survive with God’s protection. Each year we build a sukkah to remind us of the kindness and protection God showed the Jews when they were most vulnerable.

As part of the Sukkot celebrations, we invite friends and family into our sukkah to enjoy a delicious meal. Traditionally, we are told to extend an invitation to the needy members of our community. Whether symbolically or more literally, Sukkot is the perfect time to share your hospitality and good fortune to help protect those who are truly in need.


  • Locate a soup kitchen or food pantry in your area that will accept fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  • Plan in advance to plant vegetables and fruit before Sukkot. Invite friends and family over for a gleaning party where together you can harvest your fresh produce and bring it to a local soup kitchen or food pantry. 
  • When you invite guests into your sukkah, ask them to bring fruits and vegetables that you can arrange in a basket together to bring to a soup kitchen or food pantry. 
  • Encourage your synagogue to share their harvest and make a commitment to continue supporting those who are food insecure throughout the coming year. 

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