Hosting a more meaningful Rosh Hashanah dinner is possible - and easy! Here's our top 5 tips to make it happen, even if you only have 10 minutes. 

1. Each Passover we ask, "why is this night different from all other nights?" Your Rosh Hashanah dinner is another oppprtunity to get clear on your purpose and intention. What's special about tonight? You might be embracing the opportunity to be in community, marking this sacred moment in the Jewish calendar, or eating together as a way of being present. 

2. Include a small ritual around gratitude. Say a blessing of thanks or invite everyone to share something they're grateful for. Scroll down in this booklet for a short blessing of gratitude for each other. 

3. What's a Jewish holiday without food? Your Rosh Hashanah seder is the perfect time to include special foods on the menu. Traditional options include round challah, foods sweetened with honey or agave, pomegranates and dates. The Northern Hemisphere is shifting into fall, so don't be afraid to get creative with pumpkin, spices and all the foods that taste like fall. 

4. Embrace what you know and love. There's many Rosh Hashanah rituals you can incorporate into your seder such as lighting candles, washing your hands, blessing wine, eating new fruits or apples with honey. Bring something familiar into your seder. 

5. Create a new tradition that goes beyond the food. Rosh Hashanah is all about reflecting on the year that has passed and looking forward to the new year. You can bring these elements into your seder by - making a toast to the new year; offering a rose, thorn and bud to the past year; viewing a video reel or digital photo album to relive your year's highlights; or sharing intentions.

However you celebrate your Rosh Hashanah dinner - make this one to remember! 

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