We gather this night, in the fading light, to acknowledge the ways we have missed the mark. To find the “teachable

moments” of the past year, and acknowledge them. These personal and collective moments where we were less than

we could have been.

Not to be in shame about them, but to let them into to the light. To name them and learn from them. To love ourselves, even in our imperfection. To love our Tribe, even when it feels like it fails us. We release and seek compassion, loving kindness, and the skills to create change out of a longing for a love-filled world.

May our release provide the space again and again recreate the world in partnership with the Holy One, and find us worthy of forgiveness – being inscribed and sealed for a year of health, joy, and abundance.


by Kohenet Ketzirah haMa'agelet

Booklet Section: Seeking Forgiveness, Prayers 
Source: Kol Nidre Machzor for OneShul