Activity: "Welcome to Our Sukkah" Sign

Welcome to Our Sukkah Sign Making Activity
By Bringing Judaism Home

Activity for Ages 4 - 10

A family photo, some decorations, and a few words are all it takes to welcome friends and family to your sukkah. It's the personal touch that make this craft so adorable! You can also make these to send to friends or family members as a way of celebrating Sukkot together, even when we 're far away. 


Strong Background Material - wooden board or strong canvas board
Paint - color of your choice
Photo of your family
Fall-themed decorations (acorns, colorful wheat, leaves)
Glitter pen


1. Paint the board a rich fall color (e.g., green, orange, rust).
2. Wait for paint to dry.
3. Glue on a family photo along with your decorative element.
4. Using the glitter pen, add a "Welcome to our Sukkah" or a message of your choice to the board.
5. Display at the entrance to your Sukkah.

Booklet Section: Sukkot & Simchat Torah