Tishrei Moon Manual

It’s big. It’s impossible to ignore. It’s Tishrei, the holiest month in the Hebrew year. It’s here. At The Well is here too, to help you move through this holy time, a time that sets the tone for the whole year.

Themes of Tishrei
- 21 out of 29 days of Tishrei are holidays —connectivity is at its peak this month.
- Tishrei contains a paradox: it has the, New Year, but is also 7th of the 12 months of the Hebrew calendar.
- Grow grow grow! Now is the time to move on to new things.
- Rejoice! God is good. Darkness and missing the mark are normal. It’s all opportunity to be better.

This month of Tishrei reminds us we can change. Be honest, live authentically, let go.

Dig deeper into the journey of Tishrei and find recommendations to find holiness this month, prompts for journaling, a tashlich ritual and more in At the Well's Tishrei Moon Manual.

Booklet Section: New Year Blessings, Gratitude, Prayers, Meditations 
Source: https://www.atthewellproject.com/moon-manuals-all