Sure, food may be the first thing on everyone's mind at a Yom Kippur Break Fast. And, we can still make this night feel special and bigger than just the bagels.  Once your guests have had a chance to eat, invite everyone to join in these activities designed to help us cross the threshold from this holiest of holy days into the rest of the year. 

Table Topics: The prayers at the end of Yom Kippur focus on gates that are closing as the sun sets. Start a discussion about the gates or pathways we encounter. Which gates do we want to open in this new year? Which gates can we close? How does it feel to open or close these?

Raise a Glass: Whether it's orange juice, wine or another favorite beverage, raise your glass and make a toast! You can dedicate your toast to the people gathered around the table, to our ancestors, to the people who made the break fast food or the host, to a sweet new year, the choice is yours.  L'chaim! 

Sharing Intentions: Welcome each person to share a wish or intention for the year that's just begun. 

Breathwork: Invite everyone around the table to take a deep breath together. Really focus on the exhale. Dramatic sighs welcome. We made it!

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