This is prayer for our unseen grief,
A prayer for the dreams we lost. 

A prayer to find meaning in the unknown,
For recognition that this too matters.

A prayer to name that not all is replaceable,
No matter how hard we try.

A prayer for grace, for ourselves,
And those trying to understand. 

This is a prayer for the unsolvable
For the unknowable, for the unfair. 

This is a prayer to make our invisibility known.
To make our grief feel deserving today.
Lives that we hoped would be. 
Remembered quietly, privately. 

Source of life, help us find peace. 
Help us embrace one another in uncertainty. 
Open hearts to our healing, together. 
Give us strength to share our troubles,
And bear witness to the hardest parts. 

Let our losses be meaningful. 
Let our stories be meaningful. 
Let our love be meaningful. 

And may each memory be a blessing.

Booklet Section: Prayers for Healing & Peace, Prayers, Prayers of Remembrance
Source: Eileen Levinson