About Tkhines: Tkhines are prayers written in Yiddish for those who didn't read or understand Hebrew. The majority of tkhines were written for women, for domestic rather than synagogue use. Some tkhines were also written by women, but since many writers of prayers would use pen names it is hard to tell how many.

About Feldmesterins: 

For centuries, Jewish women in Eastern Europe measured cemeteries and graves with thread. They used the threads to make special neshome likht [soul candles], or in some cases, protection bands worn around the wrists, ankles, or neck. Often carried out by experienced women known as feldmesterins, who were also often paid for their work, feldmestn [cemetery measuring] and kneytlekh leygn [laying wicks] were most commonly performed during Elul, to make soul candles for Yom Kippur. Yet they also turned to the practice at other times when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead seemed to be thinning. Even today, with all of our science, all of our knowledge, ritual technology still anchors us in times of vulnerability.

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