These poems are from a series on  slicha  (forgiveness) and  geulah  (redemption) by poet Julia Knobloch
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Geulah/Redemption I

They say that when we move in silence
from the blessing for redemption into the standing prayer
without pause, precise, at sunrise
we do as the pious would (although we’re not required to)
I was driven out into these copper sands
by restlessness and shame, not my intention to juxtapose
the blessing for redemption
with the plea for open lips and dew drops
Time was running out, I was not silent
Please, hear and understand me
I have no ancestors to bless, I will die without descendants
Spread your wing and hold me until the break of dawn

Geulah/Redemption II

Let me say again, lovers can be
vessels of redemption 
Remember us
Let us
remember us
for good
for the sake of our names
for the sake of our hands
for the sake of making old days new and new days holy

Booklet Section: Poems, Psalms, Poetry & Songs
Source: Julia Knobloch