Get Clear on Your Jewish Year 2020

I’m so delighted you’ve downloaded this guide to Get Clear on your Jewish Year. Every year I help lead services designed to use the special and sacred High Holiday period to get people thinking about who they want to be. I think the Jewish calendar offers us many opportunities to take stock, to do good, to become better Jewishly and better as people. No time is as powerful as the Yamim Noraim, the Days of Awe. 

I serve people who are untraditional in many ways: secular, atheist, agnostic, spiritual but not religious. Sometimes the notion of “awe” makes us nervous. But I want you to experience awe. It does not have to be inspired by anything we might call “the divine.” My inspiration for awe is my children, my family, my friends, beauty in the natural world, the fact that humans exist and can think and create, kindness I see in others, new babies, the fact that chocolate is a thing in this world. 

This is beyond gratitude and mindfulness, both of which are important, and I’ll reference in this guide. Awe. What is it for you? How can you access it? How can you spend the time before, during, or after the High Holidays feeling awed, inspired, wowed, moved, changed? That’s what I want for you. 

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Booklet Section: Looking Back / Tashlich, New Year Blessings, Elul Blessings