Disability Inclusion Resources for the Holidays

jkidACCESS.org is a new website from Jewish Learning Venture that provides disability inclusion resources for both educators and families raising Jewish children with disabilities. You'll find social stories, multi-sensory guides, videos, webinars and more resources to support your family. Check it out at https://jkidaccess.org/

For Rosh HaShanah, you can find:

  • a social story about Tashlich that helps to prepare children to know what to expect when doing the tashlich ritual
  • a multi-sensory guide to help children and teens with cognitive disabilities prepare for the holiday
  • a number of videos featuring disability inclusion experts with ideas for parents about how to prepare children with disabilities  for the holidays

Booklet Section: Looking Back / Tashlich 
Source: https://jkidaccess.org/category/high-holidays/