September 10, 2020

The Apologies Exchange & Alternative Tashlich Rituals

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Watch our 30-minute workshop on creating your unique tashlich ritual at home or with your community. 

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Explore Tashlich on [email protected]
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- Tashlikh Atlas - virtual tashlikh at any body of water around the world
- Mental Health Tashlich
- Blessing for Seeing the Ocean 
- Wash My Soul Tashlich Ceremony 

Other Tashlich Ritual Alternatives

From Rabbi Stephanie Kolin, Union Temple
- Sit in your home before a bowl of warm water. Speak your deeds onto ice cubes and then place them into the water and watch them as they dissolve.
- Write your deeds onto a piece of paper and then rip them up, burn them (safely, please), or cross them out vigorously until you can’t make out the words.

From 18Doors
- Write your mistakes in sidewalk chalk, then spray with a water bottle. Or if indoors…
- Write things down using a washable marker on paper and then submerge them in a dish of water.
- Use washable ink to write on a rock and then place it in a dish of water.
- Use a small chalkboard to get the same effect indoors.