The Day Before the New Year: An Intention to Hold and Honour Our Whole Selves Beautiful and Broken Just as We Are

i have never

looked forward

to anything

more than

the last day

of an old year

yes people walk around

sunken swollen in body

completely ordinary

on this day as any other


where most of us

merely pass by

the routine falling apart

i find myself collecting

the thrown away pieces



misplaced hopes

every one regularly discards

i don’t have the words

but i will say

the day before rosh hashanah

i touch souls

and not a single person

is empty

i mean

we are running out

or put another way

we are always running over with the

fullness of life

we can remember

Booklet Section: New Year Blessings, Introduction, Elul Blessings, Prayers, Meditations, Poems 
Source: Devon Spier