OneTable Shabbat Ha'Motzi Reading

The Nourishment of Gathering: A Ha'Motzi Reading
"What is a Jew in solitude? What is a woman in solitude, a queer woman or man? When the winter flood-tides wrench the tower from the rock, crumble the prophet’s headland, and the farms slide into the sea when leviathan is endangered and Jonah becomes revenger when center and edges are crushed together, the extremities crushed together on which the world was founded when our souls crash together, Arab and Jew, howling our loneliness within the tribes when the refugee child and the exile’s child re-open the blasted and forbidden city when we who refuse to be women and men as women and men are chartered, tell our stories of solitude spent in multitude in that world as it may be, newborn and haunted, what will solitude mean?" - Adrienne Rich from Yom Kippur 1984

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Booklet Section: Challah Blessing, Shabbat Blessings
Source: Adrienne Rich from Yom Kippur 1984