March to the "Beet" of Your Own Drum (Shofar)

The beet is symbolic of beating our own path. With a few supplies, you can make your own shofar to help you march to the beat of your own drum (shofar). Gather 3 toilet paper rolls per horn, a party horn, masking tape, glue, paintbrush, scissors, and white and brown paint.

Cut all the way across one roll lengthwise. Remove fringe or cardboard from the party horn so you are only left with the plastic noise maker.  Wrap the cut cardboard tube around the plastic noisemaker. Fasten cardboard to plastic noisemaker securely with masking tape.

With the other two rolls, fold the edge to make a pleat in the bottom side. You are making the bottom small enough to fit inside another roll. This will give the shofar a nice curve. Place the tubes inside each other.

Paper mache the toilet paper rolls with long strips of paper and a mixture of equal parts water and glue (use can also use equal parts flour and water). If you want to forgo the mess, simply wrap the toilet paper rolls with masking tape.

Allow the paper mache to dry completely. Paint with white paint. While white paint is still wet, sponge on some bits of brown and mix and smudge lightly to give the horn “realistic” color and dimension.

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