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New Year Blessings
Source :
Holiness is Everywhere

Art from Seeker Season: 2020 Guide for the Curious and Courageous by Jessica Tamar Deutsch 

Seeking Forgiveness
Source : Kohenet Keshira HaLev Fife 

Kol Nidre Chant
By Kohenet Keshira HaLev Fife 

Kol nidre is not for beating our chests

Kol nidre is for returning to our best

Kol nidre is for releasing every vow

Kol nidre come to presence here and now

At-one-ment, at-one-ment, reflect and take it slow 

At-one-ment, at-one-ment, release and let it go

At-one-ment, at-one-ment, return to where we start 

At-one-ment, at-one-ment, aligning with our hearts