September 14, 2021

Download Our Picks For Alternative Paths to At(one)ment

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Yom Kippur Starts Wednesday Night

Find your path toward forgiveness, remembrance, gratitude & healing with our Yom Kippur Ritual & Yom Kippur Favorites

Yom Kippur Ritual Guide

As the Days of Awe(some) come to a close, let nature renew you

Few places inspire awe like nature. Whether you live near a desert, mountains, the ocean or an urban jungle, spend 30 minutes today enjoying nature. Use the time to simply observe or consider a renewal ritual like tashlich, or casting away your mistakes.


Tashlich Ceremony

Guided Meditation to Let It Go

High Holiday Poetry

Blessing For Seeing the Ocean & For Wonders of Nature


Download and Print Our Awe(some) Favorites

Illuminating Our Journey

Illuminating Our Journey 
Our illuminating guide reminds us that during the week of Rosh Hashanah, the Divine hears us cry.

Sukkot Coloring Book

Sukkot Coloring Book 
What's our favorite kids' activity this week? Preparing for Sukkot with our fall coloring book! 

Wash My Soul Tashlich Ceremony

Waterside Tashlich Activity 
Download this guide and bring it to your nearest body of water to release the year that's passed.

Yom Kippur Favorites

Yom Kippur Selections
We all miss the mark. Let this booklet guide you toward deeper understanding and connection. 

High Holiday Poetry

High Holiday Poetry
There's something special about poetry to help us find the feelings to guide us through the season.

Seeker Season

Seeker Season 
Discover activities and reflections for Yom Kippur to explore on your own or in community. 

Shana Tova Coloring Book

Shana Tova Coloring Book 
Download our High Holiday coloring book and say the blessings during your break fast meal. 

Yom Kippur Immersion Ceremony

Yom Kippur Immersion Ceremony
Turn yourself toward forgiveness with this mikveh ritual from our partners at Mayyim Hayyim.


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