August 20, 2020

Notes and Resources from Making Our Home Altars

Posted by Custom & Craft

On August 20, Rebecca Missel and Eileen Levinson from the team hosted a webinar on making our home altars for the 2020 High Holiday season. Read on for notes and resources generated during the webinar.

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Bringing in Nature 
Feathers, which hearken back to the words for tzitzit and the wings of your garment 
Eucalyptus bark, written on with beet juice 
Fragrant herbs & spices like lavender, rosemary, vetiver, cinnamon, cloves 
Elements of the four seasons 

Items to Include on Our Altars 
Judaic items like kiddush cup, siddur, candlesticks, shofar, yad, tallit, etc. 
Plants, flowers, crystals or stones
Notes of gratitude, wishes for the new year
Shards of glass from a wedding 
Pictures of people dear to us - ancestors, mentors, teachers 

Clips & Booklets from High Holidays at Home 

Ideas to Engage with Community 
Shiviti making workshop
Email image to community for placing on home altars or having present during the season
Send packages with local apple cider, honey, coloring book pages, challah, booklets with prayers and rituals, water-soluble paper, birdseed, magnets 
Other names for our altars: mikdash m’aat, makom kadosh, mizbeakh

Artists Making Altars 
The Seder Plate Project on Instagram 

Calendars and Supplies